Fall is in the Air

And so I've started baking.
Zucchini bread
Chocolate peanut butter cookies
Now I need these lovely little delights to make something I've been waiting for... ohhhhh it's gona be so good!


Late Summer/Early Fall

I like this time of year.



Our dear friend Alyssa, on coming back from the Middle East, has gifted each of us with a cool scarf. Josh's scarf, being, of course, a boy scarf, is a little tricky to put on correctly.

Alyssa helped me put it on, but things went a little wonky... then silly.


Around Town

On our way to a Timber's U23 match, we walked past this.

Josh refused to stop and pose for a picture, so I snapped one when he glanced back.
How can you not take a picture with pretty much anything that's not usually life sized?




Getting up to date!
July started out as lots of fun with outdoor adventures, and turned into less fun and lots of indoor... resting. I have been sick for about two weeks so that means laying on the couch. Not so productive. I still feel like there's lots going on,but I'm sad to be more or less missing it.

Camping - we went to central Oregon for the 4th of July extended weekend with some friends. Saw Saturn's moons and hiked a few rocks.

More soccer - for Josh! He's playing on our church's outdoor team in the local rec league. I haven't taken my camera to catch all the action. hehe.

River - had a sort of hike, sort of wade at a river half way between Seattle and Portland with my girls.

Beach - weekend at our friend Jordan's grandparent's beach house on Lincoln Beach. Met new friends and played lots of games. I have pictures of this but not time to post right now. Maybe later when I update more from July - because there is more fun to come, I'm sure.



World cup.

Improving weather.

More soccer.

More flowers.